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I am Hannah, a software engineer in Vietnam. I am working for a software outsourcing company. My work requires face to face meeting with western customer everyday. It was very difficult for me to speak in meetings at first but after learning English with Nema for several months, I can now talk with my clients more effectively and comfortably.
I also recommend my husband who’s also a software engineer to have an English course at ANHNGUTHUCHANH.COM

Hannah | Tân Bình, Hồ Chí Minh

Hi, I am Ninh Nguyen, a software developer. After I graduated from my University, my English listening and speaking skills were not really good. I wasn’t confident in talking with my foreign customers. It was also very difficult for me to go to the English center after work because working in IT field requires me to work overtime quite often. One day, one of my friends introduced me AnhnguThuchanh.com and I took some classes here and it helped me a lot to improve my English skills. I highly recommend AnhnguThuchanh.com to all of you who want to improve your English skills.

Ninh Nguyen | Tân Bình, Hồ Chí Minh

I am Anna, Mimi’s mother. My daughter and I have been learning English for a year now. I am an insurance clerk in Korea. Speaking English was very difficult for me at first but my teacher helps me
improve it. I am very satisfied with this course and I will continue to recommend this school to all my friends.

Anna | South Korea

Hello I am Mimi from Korea. I am 10 years old. I have been studying English here for a year. I study in an international school here in Korea so English is very important for me. I love my teacher because she is very funny and kind. She teaches me very well.

Jung, Sun Woo | South Korea

I am Peter. I am 12 years old. I started learning English here when I was 9 years old. Now I can speak English quite better than 3 years ago. My teachers have been helping me speak correctly. My parents are very happy with my improvement.

Jung Hee Moon | Masan Korea

I have been working in a hotel restaurant and I meet a lot of foreigners. I think learning English online really helps me. I have a busy schedule but I can manage to learn online on my free time. It’s very useful for me and my teacher is very willing to help me improve my English especially speaking.

Gary [王一舟] | Beijing China

I am a Sales manager of Intl. Business Department for 20 years. I like to practice my speaking with someone. I think learning English online with my teacher here is really fun and exciting. I am able to polish or brush up my English. I have no chance to speak English everyday but I sometimes travel abroad. This course helps me improve my daily and business English.

Jan Xie, 海口, 海南 | China

I am a researcher and a university teacher. I use English in my researches. Having this course helps me do and understand my research. I have been learning English for many years and I am very thankful that my teacher here helps me express myself in English. I can see my improvement day by day.

Jessie [jie qian] | Beijing China

I love speaking in English but I have a problem in my grammar and intonation. Taking my classes here helps me learn to construct correct sentences. Day by day, I am able to express myself. I have been learning here for one year and I thank my teacher for patiently teaching and correcting my English. I think learning for that long is worth it. I can now use my English at work. I can talk to our foreign clients with confidence.

Pil-Jun,Jeong | Changwon Korea