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9 Reasons to Study English at AnhNguThucHanh.com

January 18, 2014

Du hoc, hoc tienh anh voi giao vien nuoc ngoai

1. We have foreign English instructors that are well- trained in both English language and online teaching proficiencies.

2. Our teachers are not just competent but also very friendly. They create a fun learning atmosphere that makes the students feel comfortable.

3. Lessons are customized to meet the students’ needs and requirements.

4. Our learning programs are designed to develop students’ macro skills in English such as: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing; including the following micro skills: Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Pronunciation.

5. Students can learn at their own pace. Making them manage lessons and see improvements in their skills.

6. Our instructors keep records of lessons and exercises results in order to monitor the students’ development.

7. We offer quality online English programs at a very reasonable cost.

8. Team learning is facilitated through our website forums and live chat which can make students interact with other people from different countries.

9. A free class is offered to interested students before signing up for a course. In this case, the learner is given a chance to get a feeling of the course that helps them decide whether or not the program will be suitable for them.

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